Lead Character, Keyboards
The title character BRUNO HUBERT plays himself in a dramatic role. Born in Maniwaki Quebec and educated at the University of Laval. Hubert studied percussion and then moved on to the piano under the influence of numerous music mentors. He started to play drums in his first rock band at the age of 14, playing heavy metal in local bars and was also in the town marching band. His plans to become a professional drummer were soon derailed when college requirements obliged him to study piano. While studying music in Quebec, Hubert also performed as the second piano player with various professional bands, including some that opened for the young and then relatively unknown Celine Dion. After spending a total of nearly 20 years studying music at Laval, the University of North Texas and Capilano College in Vancouver, and supporting himself as a piano tuner on the side, Hubert was in his late 30's before he began to play professional jazz. Hubert moved from Montreal to Vancouver in 1989. After spending five years studying acoustical piano with Miles Black, Hubert signed on with Brad Turner's quartet and then became a bandleader himself, forming the Bruno Hubert Trio with bassist Rus Botten and drummer Paul Townsend. He also acted as musical director for various live theatre companies for productions including Jesus Christ Superstar, Into The Woods and many others. In addition to opening at the Orpheum for various Jazz greats, Hubert also got to perform on a recording for his long time idol Gino Vannelli. Among Hubert's musical inspirations are Keith Jarret, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson, and the Russian classical composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Hubert continues to perform and record in Vancouver, where he makes his home. Reocrdings of the Bruno Hubert Trio include the 2002 release Get Out of Town, 2004 release A Cellar Live Christmas and 2008 release The Bruno Hubert Trio, Live at the Cellar.